This article points out some common mistakes people make when recycling.


Suggested by Teri – may be helpful for ideas for retreat on Buddha & Jesus – Sacred Nature: Restoring our Ancient Bond with the Natural World – by Karen Armstrong Pub., Alfred A. Knopf, 2022

Suggested by Marie – 3 books in prep for Social Justice Program on Immigration – The Newcomers: Finding Refuge, Friendship and Hope in an American Classroom – by Helen Thorpe (2017) – Just Like Us: The True Story of Four Mexican Girls Coming of Age in America – by Helen Thorpe (2007) – Home of the Brave – by Katherine Applegate.

Pod Casts and Links

Human Trafficking – Modern Day Slavery 

How many slaves work for you?

Slavery Footprint: The first link will give you an overview of things we use every day which are likely related to workers who have been trafficked and are enslaved.  The second link is a survey you complete to estimate the relationship between things we individually use/have and who made these.  At the end of the survey, you get an estimate of the number of enslaved workers from around the globe that are ‘working for you’.

Very enlightening!

Black History

Beyond the Indian Residential Schools: Unreformed: The Story of the Alabama Industrial School for Negro Children: This is a seven (so far) Podcast which tells about children who were sent to this school, what daily life was like for them, who tried to help the kids, and what happened to them school after they left this school.

Podcast Into America: Street Disciples, the current series is about Hip Hop

The Gloria Purvis Podcast – part of America Media.  The podcast centers the opinions, stories, and experiences of individuals who have been marginalized in the Catholic Church and in society.  Recent episodes related to Sophia’s Social Justice Education series:

January 31, 2023: Modern Day Slavery at the Super Bowl

February 21, 2023: Black Mardi Gras Pays Homage to Friendship with Native Americans

February 28. 2023: Cornel West and Robert George Celebrate Black History

Just Politics Podcast from Network (Nuns on the Bus)

Recent episode related to Sophia’s Social Justice Education series:

February 6: The Deep Need for Reparatory Justice

Lift Every Voice Podcast from Abbey of the Arts – Contemplative Writers of Color – a monthly podcast where Christine Valters Paintner leads a discussion with the author of a book which enriches understanding of the Christian mystical tradition.

How to choose a charity?  Here are three tools to help make a decision.

Charity Ratings and Donor Resources | Charity Navigator

Pain Management

Ezra Klein Show – This Book Changed My Relationship to Pain